Understanding Erectile Problems

Erectile Problems, Not the End of the World

While they may not want to talk about it, at least 1 in 10 men suffer from some form of erectile problem. These problems can be caused by many different factors, and are far more common than many would believe. In fact, nearly 1 in 5 men acknowledge that even if they do not have continuous erectile problems, work stress can create a problem, or a decrease in libido. Erectile problems can be helped, and often it is an easy fix, but in order to fix the problem, it has to be first acknowledged. Most men will wait an average of 17 months before talking to a General Practitioner about the problem. Waiting to talk about the problem just means waiting for it to be fixed.

Causes of Erectile Problems

There are many causes for erectile problems and none of them should cause shame. It is often thought as shameful to be unable to perform, but it is not anyone’s fault, and is often due to a small environmental factor. For instance, many types of antidepressants can cause erectile problems, and so can the use of nicotine. Other causes are stress, negative feelings, recent surgery, aging, kidney failure, and many more. Erectile problems are simply the reaction of the body to some other factor. It isn’t anything to be ashamed of, and it isn’t something that can’t be fixed.

Diagnosis of Erectile Problems

There are no formal tests in order to diagnose erectile problems. However, tests may be performed to rule out underlying diseases, and there are some tests that can be used to determine the type of problem, and how severe it is. These tests, such as a Duplex ultrasound, bulbocavemosus reflex test, dynamic infusion cavernosometry, or a magnetic resonance angiography, are used to test the flow to the penis, the blood vessels in the penis, the pressure of blood flow to the penis, and the amount of blood necessary to keep the penis erect. They have long names, but really they are just tests to monitor the penis and make sure that there is no physiological problem, and if there is, they identify that problem so it can be fixed.

Treatment of Erectile Problems

When it comes to treatment, the first thought is the, ‘little blue pill’. Male enhancement pills are, in fact, one of the main treatments for any kind of erectile problem, offering an easy solution to the problem. While treatment is dependent on the cause and can range from simply adding exercise, to using a device to apply negative pressure to the penis drawing blood to the area, male enhancement pills are still the most common form of treatment, and have a lot of success.

Many men have some kind of erectile problem and don’t get any help with fixing it. There is no reason not to seek the assistance of a general practitioner. Delaying assistance is just prolonging the time in which there is a problem. Often fixing any erectile problem is a simple matter, and the quicker it is addressed, the quicker it can be fixed.


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